Best Stocks for 2017: General Motors Will Roll Over the Competition

10best2017_final_728x400-300x165It’s that time of year again… While the Best Stocks for 2016 contest is still going down to the wire — and yours truly is duking it out for first place, up 38% on the year — it’s already time to start planning for 2017. Here’s an excerpt from my 2017 submission:

As I’m writing this, we still have a few weeks left in 2016, and I’m duking it out for first place in the Best Stocks for 2016 contest with Jason Moser. His pick — mortgage processor Ellie Mae Inc (ELLI) — has a slight edge on mine — pipeline operator Energy Transfer Equity LP (ETE). But it’s a close race, and anything can happen. So may the best stock win!

Nerve-wracking, “blood-in-the-streets” markets like those are the kinds of markets I live for. I lost clients in December and January, but frankly, I didn’t mind. Those who stuck with me ended up enjoying a fantastic year in 2016 when the market turned up again.As we start 2017, we’re in a very different type of market. This time last year, stocks were in freefall, and energy stocks in particular were in full-blown panic mode.

Well, a year later, things are vastly different. We’re entering the year with investors feeling downright euphoric … and that makes me nervous. I’m sitting on cash positions of 15%-20% in most of my stock portfolios.

But there is one pocket of the market that I still consider massively and unambiguously cheap — automakers. So even if this stock rally fizzles in 2017, I think it’s likely that the automakers finish the year with a respectable return.

I chose General Motors (GM) as my pick for 2017. To read the full article, see General Motors Company (GM) Stock Will Roll to Victory

And as always, may the best stock win!