Up Close and Personal with Charles Sizemore, Manager of the Dividend Growth Portfolio

Covestor produced the following video featuring Charles Sizemore, the manager of the Dividend Growth Portfolio and three other models at Covestor.

For more information, see the Dividend Growth Portfolio’s profile page, which includes performance and recent portfolio moves.

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    1. Hi Elaine,

      I love 3D printing as a concept…but I’m still evaluating it as an investment. The market is currently dominated by three relatively small companies:SSYS, DDD, and XONE. All are small caps and all are priced at stratospheric valuations. I haven’t make any moves in the sector…at least not yet.

      If you decide to invest, I would only add that it might be wise to use your more speculative “play money” on these. Any could make it big…or get bought out by a large multinational like HP. But any could just as easily make a wrong move and be out of business overnight.

      Best of luck; it’s an exciting area of the market!

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