On Straight Talk Money: The Solar Eclipse, Recent Portfolio Moves, and More!

I joined Chase Robertson and Peggy Tuck this morning on Straight Talk Money. Fist on the agenda is, of course, the solar eclipse this afternoon. We also touch on the recent opening of Saudi stock market and one some recent moves in the White House.

In the next segment, I go over some recent portfolio changes. I recently sold Gamestop (GME), Prospect Capital (PSEC) and Main Street Capital (MAIN) in my Dividend Growth Portfolio. While I’m not particularly bearish, I felt it was sensible to have a little more dry powder than usual as we enter what has traditionally been the two most volatile months of the year.

In the final segment, we touch on the market’s health and on the dividend prospects for one of our long-time favorites, Kinder Morgan (KMI).

Disclosures: Long KMI, AAPL