Sizemore on CNBC: “Dell Wants to be IBM”

Charles Sizemore appeared on CNBC last night to discuss the Dell (Nasdaq:$DELL) leveraged buyout.

The $24.4 billion proposal to privatize U.S. technology giant Dell is part of founder Michael Dell’s efforts to transform the company into a ‘mini IBM’, said analysts, as the world’s third largest personal computer (PC) maker struggles to protect its market share against competitors.

If the deal is approved, tech experts said this will pose a threat to key rival Hewlett Packard, which has also been undergoing a similar strategy shift towards a greater focus on the higher-margin enterprise services space.

“What they [Dell] want to be is IBM – they are not there yet – but they want to focus on enterprise services and solutions – they want to run the IT departments of large and small corporations and government agencies, that’s the direction they want to go in,” Charles Sizemore, chief investment officer at Sizemore Capital Management told CNBC on Wednesday.

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