Sizemore Capital Featured in RIA Biz Article

Sizemore Capital’s Charles Sizemore was featured in a recent article by RIA Biz’s Cecily O’Connor on the role of social media in building an investment practice (see article):

Meanwhile, social media, through networking sites like Covestor, is adding to the ways in which advisors can find and cultivate client relationships. Forrester Research recently cited social media among the top five trends in digital wealth management for 2012.

Still, online asset management will “never replace the face-to-face, handshaking relationship,” says Charles Sizemore, chief investment officer of Sizemore Capital Management, a registered investment advisor in Dallas. But the ability to build rapport through social media is complementary.

Through Covestor, Sizemore has been writing a column appearing on now for several months, a development that’s helped attract paid subscribers to a separate investment newsletter he writes as part of his existing advisory business.