Live on Charles Sizemore on the EU Crisis and Investing in Germany

Watch Charles Sizemore give his thoughts on investing in Germany to the Wall Street Journal’s Evan Newmark:

If you are unable the view the video in your browser, you can view it here.

Whole Foods and the Economics of Baby Boomer Diets

Charles Sizemore recently gave his thoughts on Whole Foods (NYSE: $WFM) t0 MarketWatch writer Matt  Andrejczak (see “Whole Foods Shareholders Big Payday”)

Whole Foods, bolstered by stronger cash flows, is again paying a dividend, hiking it last month 40% to […] Continue Reading…

Schizophrenic Bond Vigilantes and Other Market Tales

Not the Bond vigilante you had in mind?

Sometimes it is really hard to believe that Wall Street is run by serious, highly-educated professionals.  You wouldn’t hear a doctor use a ludicrous expression like “Santa Claus […] Continue Reading…

Debunking Economics

In the new 2011 edition of his magnum opus Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor Dethroned, Australian economics professor Steve Keen comes out guns blazing, blasting the “Panglossian view” of neoclassical economics that did so much to get us into […] Continue Reading…