General Motors (GM): STILL Have Some Catching Up to Do

Prices as of 7/31/2017, Source InvestorPlace


We’re now seven months into the contest, and I still have some catching up to do. My 6% year-to-date return in General Motors (GM) isn’t anything to be embarassed about… that is, until you see Albemarle (ALB), CoreSite Realty (COR) and Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) are all up well in excess of 30%.

We still have five months to go… and a lot can happen between now and December 31. General Motors has been pushing higher since mid-May, up about 10% in just two-and-half months. And remember, we’re getting paid handsomely to wait for this investment thesis to play out via the 4.3% dividend.

You can read my write-up on GM here: General Motors Company (GM) Stock’s Engine Is Still Purring

Disclosures: Long GM