It’s Crazy Hate Mail Hour!


Photo credit clement127

You have to hand it to internet trolls. While their negativity can sometimes be a little abrasive, at least they… they… well, actually, I think of a single positive thing to say about them. They don’t add anything constructive to a conservation, nor do they create anything of their own. They just seem to take pleasure in dragging down the work of others.

At any rate, I wrote a piece for Forbes this week on looking beyond the traditional 60/40 portfolio (see The 60/40 Portfolio is Dead, And It’s Not Coming Back). My point was simple enough: With stock and bond prices both inflated, it makes sense to look elsewhere. He’s a sampling of the hate mail I got in response:

You are an idiot and I’m glad you don’t manage any my money.

— Seymour Primply

Well, good that we got that settled.

This article is so bad I actually registered with Forbes just to register my dismay. Don’t give your money to cowboys like this selling moonshine and snake oil.

— 103East

Hey, you can bash me, but don’t bash moonshine whiskey. Or cowboys. Or cowboys illegally distributing moonshine whiskey. Some things should be sacrosanct.

“Wow. A good reminder why when I see CFA after someone’s name, I run in the opposite direction.”

— Ralph Holloway

You don’t have to run fast. Most of us are pretty out of shape.

Sizemore’s “advice” should come with a warning label: “Snake Oil”

— HikerNC

What is it with these people and snake oil? Besides, have you SEEN the medicinal benefits of snake oil? I sell pills out of the trunk of a 1986 Lincoln Town Car, by the way.