On Straight Talk Money: Your 401k Plan, GM’s Driverless Cars and More

I joined Peggy Tuck today on Mike Robertson’s Straight Talk Money to talk about, among other things, General Motor’s (GM) driverless cars:


Next, we talked about the importance of revisiting your 401(k) plan every year… and what you specifically need to watch:


And in the final segment, we tackle inflation… and talk about the single best tax shelter available to regular Americans.


Today on Straight Talk Money: The Election, Bond Yields and More

Photo credit Alan Levine
Photo credit Alan Levine

I joined Mike Robertson and Peggy Tuck today on Straight Talk Money radio. First item on the agenda… the election!


Next up, we tackled the question of bond yields… and discussed what the Fed’s next move will mean. I also talk about my favorite sector for the next year: REITs. Currently, REITs are in their third major correction in three years. The past two times, REITs rallied to new all-time highs. Will this time be any different? We shall see: