Today on Straight Talk Money: What’s Next for Facebook after the Data Breach?

I joined Peggy Tuck this morning on Straight Talk Money. First on the agenda: We talk about the still simmering trade tensions and what they might mean for the market. We then dig into the Fed and what new Chairman Jerome Powell’s plans for interest makes might be:


Up next, we dig into Facebook’s (FB) data breach and ask what the future holds for the iconic social media giant:



On Straight Talk Money: Auto Stocks, Venezuela’s Bitcoin Rival and More

I joined Peggy Tuck earlier this week on Straight Talk Money. In the first segment, we chat about the recent selloff in the Nasdaq. Is this simply a little year-end profit taking, or is it the start of a bigger shift in the market towards value?

Up next, we talk about some exciting new developments at General Motors (GM) and Ford (F) and what they might mean for the auto sector as a whole. I’m currently long both GM and F and expect both to have strong runs in 2018.

And finally, we poke a little fun at Venezuela’s proposed Bitcoin rival, the “Petro.” I’m open minded on cryptocurrencies, but I’m not exactly lining up to buy what Venezuela is selling!