Best Stocks for 2017: GM Closing the Lead

Source: InvestorPlace Data as of 9/1/2017; Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

With four months left to go in 2017, my pick — General Motors (GM) — is at least putting up a respectable fight. When I last did an update two months ago, I was in 7th place with a measely 6% year-to-date return. I’ve now moved into 5th place with a slighly more respectable 10% year-to-date return.

Unfortunately, my competition hasn’t been standing still. Louis Navellier’s Nvidia (NVDA) has jumped another 7% and is not up 61% year to date. And Brett Owens’ CoreSite Realty (COR) rallied an additional 14% and is now up 53% for the year.

Winning this will be tough. I’d need for GM to enjoy a monster rally (which I do expect) and for Nvidia and CoreSite to both roll over and die (which I consider less likely).

We shall see. May the best stock win!


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