What Private Company Would YOU Like to See Go Public?

Continuing his Blogger Wisdom series, Tadas Viskanta asks his panel What company that is currently private would you most like to see go public? This could be for investment purposes, entertainment value or sheer curiosity?

Here are some of my favorite replies:

Peter LazaroffPeter Lazaroff@peterlazaroff:

I’d love to see a U.S. sports franchise go public – preferably MLB or NFL. I’d be most curious to see the impact on competitive balance. Other items of interest in this scenario would be proxy votes, shareholder meetings, stadium financing, and impact attracting free agents.

Cullen RochePragmatic Capitalism@cullenroche:

The Trump Organization. They’re going to need to do a capital raise by the time Stormy Daniels is finished with them and I’d like to see their financials beforehand.

JakeEconomPic Data@econompic:

In-N-Out Burger because the battles between bulls / bears on twitter would be incredible when it opens trading at a 100x P/E. [Note from Charles: I’d do a long Whataburger / short In-N-Out Burger pair trade to stress the burger supremacy of Whataburger above all others.]

And naturally, here’s my reply:

The Spoetzl Brewery. As much Shiner Bock beer as I’ve flushed down Texas barroom urinals over the past 20 years, I ought to be an owner of the company.

Fun post from Tadas. To read all of the replies, see Finance blogger wisdom: future IPOs


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