Japan Distracts Investors With Olympic Five-Ring Circus

“Tokyo 2020 Olympics could be shot in the arm for struggling Japan.”
–NBC News

“The successful 2020 Olympic bid signals new hope for Japan.”
–Time Magazine

So, that’s all it took.  Twenty years of economic stagnation and all Japan needed to get back [...] Continue Reading…

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Forecasts are Useless

It’s tough to make predictions.  Especially about the future.
The quote above is alternatively attributed to the physicist Neils Bohr and to the New York Yankee catcher Yogi Berra.   But it is nonetheless true, particularly in the financial markets.

Of course, [...] Continue Reading…

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SYLD: An ETF to Accumulate on Market Pullbacks

Two macro themes that have been plaguing the market this summer should be reaching their conclusions this month: the Syria War and the long-awaited tapering of quantitative easing.

I’ll start with Syria.  The civil war has been raging for more [...] Continue Reading…

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VIDEO: Young Investors Should Focus on Dividend Growth

On my last trip to Baltimore, I sat down with InvestorPlace’s Alyssa Oursler to explain why dividend investing makes sense for young investors.

It’s not just about generating income in retirement.  If used in the right context, dividends can be [...] Continue Reading…

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