European Banks? Yes, European Banks.

Jeff Reeves and I discuss investing in Europe’s monetary “big bazooka.”

European stocks are among the cheapest in the world. As a value investor, I like to think that an attractive price is its own catalyst, though taking this approach […] Continue Reading…

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4 Steps to Finding Top Stocks

You shouldn’t invest in anything you don’t understand—so for our third-quarter Macro Trend Investor webinar this week, I covered my step-by-step process for selecting investments that will benefit from such global macro trends as investing in Africa, how oil & energy investing is changing in 2014, the resurgence of the EU as the world’s largest economy, and the changing habits of the super-rich. We also explored where in the world the best values are currently, domestic trends to take advantage of and which investments are set to double in the next 12 months. And finally, I dedicated a portion of the webinar to answering questions from subscribers to Macro Trend Investor. […] Continue Reading…

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Investing With Billionaires: Buying a Sports Team

Jeff Reeves and I chat about the “billionaire boom” and what it means for sports franchise prices:

InvestorPlace’s Kyle Woodley carried the torch from there, adding this:
Well, it’s curtains for Donald Sterling.

A court has decided that the sale of the Los […] Continue Reading…

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Investing Like a Billionaire with the iBillionaire ETF

Investing like a billionaire is about to get a whole lot easier.  On August 1, the  Direxion iBillionaire Index ETF (IBLN) began trading.

The ETF—based on iBillionaire’s proprietary index—runs a portfolio of 30 of the large-cap S&P 500 stocks most favored by […] Continue Reading…

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Introduction: Investing in Macro Trends

I sat down with Jeff Reeves on my last trip to Baltimore to talk about my favorite macro investment themes:

Digging into the details, we discuss:

The rise of Africa as an emerging market investment destination
The American domestic energy boom
The rebuilding […] Continue Reading…

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