Global Stock Values: Where to Park Your Cash for the Next Five Years

U.S. stocks are looking expensive by just about any metric you want to use: The trailing P/E, forward P/E, price/sales ratio, and total market cap / GDP ratio are all well above historical averages. Any way you slice it, […] Continue Reading…

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More Food for Thought on Valentines Day: Love and Sex in Japan

In Economy & Markets last month, Harry Dent had some interesting comments on marriage and family formation in Japan and what it means for the Japanese economy. Here’s an excerpt:
It’s one thing to naturally have fewer kids as a […] Continue Reading…

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Food for Thought on Valentines Day: Chinese Couples Will Be Making a LOT Fewer Babies

Here’s a little something to think about with Valentine’s Day coming up: Chinese couples will be making a lot fewer babies in the years ahead. And this has major implications for China’s future growth.

A China baby bust might sound […] Continue Reading…

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GVAL: The Ultimate Rebound Play on Europe and Emerging Markets

It’s an old joke among value investors that none of us are ever “wrong.” We’re just “early.”

There is actually a lot of truth to that statement. It’s rare to find a good value investor who is also a good […] Continue Reading…

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Apple: This Dividend Stock Will Never Run Out of Cash

Apple (AAPL) has been getting a lot of media attention lately and justifiably so. Driven by iPhone 6 sales that were even stronger than expected, its last quarterly release was the best quarterly release by any public company in […] Continue Reading…

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