Want to Build a Safe Income Portfolio? Don’t Chase Yield

If something looks too good to be true, you can bet that it is. And nowhere is this truer than in the world of income investing. As investors, we are drawn to high yields like moths to a flame. […] Continue Reading…

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Why Retirees Should Never Invest In Annuities

Let me start with a confession: I hate variable annuities.

Hate is a strong word, so let me rephrase: I despise them with an unholy passion.

To be fair, not all annuity reps are snake oil salesmen, and there can […] Continue Reading…

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The Apple Watch Will Be a Flop: Here’s Why Apple Doesn’t Care

Rumors broke last week that the high-end version of the Apple Watch—the Edition—would have an 18-karat-gold case and could cost $4,000 or more.  Some rumors have the sales price closer to $10,000, or about on par with an entry-level […] Continue Reading…

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Realty Income: Another Solid (And Boring) Quarter From the Most Predictable Stock on Wall Street

Realty Income (O) reported fourth-quarter earnings on Tuesday, missing analyst funds from operations (“FFO”) estimates by a penny. Revenues came in at $248 million, actually beating analyst estimates of $230 million by a pretty wide margin.

And you know what? […] Continue Reading…

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Iran Now Has a Lower Birthrate Than France: Here’s the Takeaway

Here’s a little fact that will blow your mind. In Iran, you can get married for an hour and then divorced, no strings attached. It’s the sigheh, or “temporary marriage” (sometimes called the “pleasure marriage.”)

In a sigheh arrangement, the […] Continue Reading…

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