Sí, Señor, It's Time to Buy Spanish Real Estate

In this month’s issue, I’ll tell you why I think the best opportunity lies in Spanish real estate. No, I haven’t lost my mind. But the situation there isn’t nearly as bad as it looks—and it’s about to get better. And with the smart money moving in, we’re in good company. […] Continue Reading…

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Is Dividend Machine JNJ a Buy?

Medical and consumer products giant Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) made a big splash this week by agreeing to sell is Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics business to The Carlyle Group (CG). The diagnostics business, which JNJ founded in 1937, makes blood tests […] Continue Reading…

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Is the Hot Money Rotating Out of Social Media and Into Emerging Markets?

Over the past few weeks, popular American momentum stocks have been in a steep correction.  To throw out a few familiar names, Tesla Motors (TSLA), Netflix (NFLX) and Twitter (TWTR) are all down more than 15% over the past […] Continue Reading…

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Sizemore on Varney & Company: Is the Market Rigged?

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I joined Varney & Company this morning for the Half Time Report.  First item on the agenda:  Michael Lewis, best-selling author of Liar’s Poker and Moneyball, came out guns blazing in his new book, […] Continue Reading…

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MTN Group: The Emerging Market Rally Is Just Getting Started

As we reach the end of the first quarter, Tesla Motors (TSLA) is leading the pack in the Best Stocks of 2014 contest with a massive 48% gain, followed by Emerge Energy Services LP (EMES) at 27%. Not too shabby given that the S&P […] Continue Reading…

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