Should Tobacco Investors Fear the FDA?

The US Food and Drug Administration announces it is considering banning or strictly regulating menthol cigarettes…and the share prices of the companies that make and sell those menthol cigarettes take a tumble.  Haven’t we seen this movie before?

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Forget Yield; Dividend Growth is the Metric that Matters

Income investors had a little scare in May and June.  Bond prices took a tumble and dragged down assets that have come to be viewed as bond substitutes—including popular dividend-paying stocks, MLPs and REITs.

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Is the ‘Abe Trade’ Still in Play?

The votes have been counted.  Japan’s Liberal Democrats—the party of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe—won a landslide victory over the weekend, securing control of both houses of parliament.

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3 Ways to Boost Your Investing IQ

From Covestor:
A good investing IQ goes hand in hand with strong financial knowledge and decision-making skills. That’s something that the majority of Americans lack, according to the latest nationwide study that seeks to measure the financial capability of U.S. adults.

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Investment Advisors Should Eat Their Own Cooking

From Covestor:

Your search for an investment adviser should start with ones who put their money where their mouths are, says Charles Sizemore, portfolio manager on the Covestor platform.
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