Macro Trend Investor Comprehensive Portfolio Review

The following is from the final publication of the Macro Trend Investor newsletter.  

Before I get started in today’s update, I want to thank you for being a reader.  It has been a pleasure to write Macro Trend Investor […] Continue Reading…

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Argentina is a Coiled Spring, Just Waiting for Kirchner to Leave

Grant’s Interest Rate Observer penned a great piece on the CFA Institute’s blog: Exit of Argentina’s President Offers Value Opportunity.

Here is an excerpt:
Like Russia, Argentina is so bad that it almost can’t get worse. Notice: almost. In human affairs, […] Continue Reading…

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Don’t Let Macro Worries Scare You Out of MTN Group

As we jump into the final quarter of 2014, emerging markets are looking much the way they did at the beginning of the year.  The popular iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) started the year with a quick 11% […] Continue Reading…

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How to Get Started Investing

I recently did an interview with personal finance site  We touch on common investor misconceptions, getting started as a rookie investor and what I look for in an ideal stock investment.  You can view the original interview here. […] Continue Reading…

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Where To Be Invested in the Fourth Quarter: Emerging Markets

This is not a fun time to be invested outside of U.S. borders.  Concerns over Fed monetary tightening–and thus dollar strengthening–have sapped investor enthusiasm for overseas markets and particularly emerging markets. But it is precisely now, when valuations are […] Continue Reading…

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