Financial Planning Moves to Make After the Correction

Aren’t corrections fun?  As we suffer through our first real correction, a lot of investors are scared. There is this nagging feeling that the outsized gains of recent years were somehow “fake,” the result of central bank manipulations and […] Continue Reading…

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This Week’s Sizemore Insights: Should You Fear the MLP Correction?

Last week, I promised to give you more details on the changes I made to my Dividend Growth Portfolio. I’m going to hold off on that promise until next week in order to tackle a more timely subject that has […] Continue Reading…

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Senior Housing Properties: A 7% Yielder Backed By the Graying of America

In an ideal investment, you’ll have several overlapping investment themes come together.  And that’s what I see today in Senior Housing Properties Trust (SNH), one of the biggest players in the senior housing segment with 372 properties spread across 38 […] Continue Reading…

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Scared After The MLP Selloff? The Insiders Aren’t.

It’s been a bare-knuckle beating in the MLP space.  The JPMorgan Alerian MLP ETN (AMJ), a popular proxy for the sector, is down about 15% in less than a month.  And that is after bouncing off of its deep […] Continue Reading…

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Choosing the Right Broker

I originally penned this for an update to Macro Trend Investor in April 2014, but the points are as relevant today as they were when I wrote it. 

This brings me to a topic that I get asked about regularly: […] Continue Reading…

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