Will the Fed’s Rate Hike Kill REITs?

The Federal Reserve has spoken, and it’s all pefectly clear now.

Ok, I sincerely hope you realize that I’m joking. Janet Yellen gave us no real insight in her statement this week as to what comes next. We’re left to assume […] Continue Reading…

Dividend Smackdown: REITs vs. Utilities

This year has proven to be a rough one for dividend stocks. With the Fed’s rate hike looming and with bond yields rocketing higher, traditionally high-yielding sectors like REITs and utilities have taken an absolute pounding. The REIT sector, […] Continue Reading…

Q&A: Should a Business Owner Choose an HSA Health Plan?

An old friend wrote in with a question I thought I’d share. It’s a question asked by countless small business owners trying to navigate the complicated world of individual and family health insurance plans:
We’ve typically used high-deductible plans linked […] Continue Reading…

After Costolo: Where Does Twitter Go From Here?

If you cannot view the embedded video, follow this link.

I joined CNBC’s Capital Connection last night to talk about the changing of the guard at Twitter (TWTR). Dick Costolo is out, and co-founder Jack Dorsey is back in as […] Continue Reading…

On Bloomberg TV: Google Gets Grief From My Dividend Article

My open letter prodding Google (GOOGL) to pay a dividend led to a lively debate on Bloomberg TV:

If you cannot view the embedded video, follow this link.