3 Key Points in President Obama’s New myRA Plan

State of the Union speeches are generally pretty heavy on talk and light on practical action, and President Barack Obama’s 2014 was no exception. There was the usual backslapping and finger-pointing we’ve all grown to expect over the years [...] Continue Reading…

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And the Experts Say…Buy Bonds?

Buy bonds.

That seemed to be the thrust of the 2014 Barron’s Roundtable.  After a year that was brutal for all income-oriented investments, the panelists on Barron’s annual Roundtable—which include some real heavyweights such as Pimco’s Bill Gross, O.S.S. Capital’s [...] Continue Reading…

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Update: No Rest for the Weary

Well, the market finally got the correction everyone was waiting for…and emerging market stocks took it on the nose. So, where do we go from here? Are we in the early innings of a full-blown emerging market crisis?I don’t think so. In this update, I’ll explain why, as well as which portfolio holdings to pick up at a bargain.
[...] Continue Reading…

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Straight Talk Money: Apple’s Outsized Effect and More

This week on Straight Talk Money, Mike Robertson and I talked about everything from the wide-reaching effects of Apple to bitcoins and emerging markets. Follow these links to hear the audio:
Is it a growth stock? A value stock? [...] Continue Reading…

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How to Get Your Retirement Planning in Order

January tends to be an eventful month for investors engaged in retirement planning. In addition to the usual New Year’s resolutions to save more and live more frugally, January is a great month to rebalance your portfolio and to [...] Continue Reading…

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