Draghi's Big Plan

It wasn’t quite the “Big Bazooka” of monetary stimulus that some had hoped for, but ECB President Mario Draghi took major steps last week to at least load the bazooka. Draghi’s lowering of interest rates—and particularly his lowering the deposit rate to negative territory—have stolen most of the headlines. But in my view, these are the least important by a wide margin. Also in this week’s update, more insider buying and a brief review of over-the-counter stocks. […] Continue Reading…

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Will RadioShack Be Delisted?

Battled electronics retailer RadioShack (RSH) started the trading day down 14% on an earnings release that was worse than expected—and let me emphasize that expectations were not high going into the release.

Revenues for the quarter were down 13% year […] Continue Reading…

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VIDEO: Microsoft vs. Sony–Who’s Winning the Video Game Console War?

This week the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo—or “E3” among gamers—kicks off, and all eyes are on Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony (SNE), makers of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game consoles, respectively.  The focus this year for Microsoft—which presented […] Continue Reading…

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The ECB Meeting: Not a Big Bazooka, But Still Very Good for Eurozone Stocks

It wasn’t quite the “Big Bazooka” that some had hoped for, but ECB President Mario Draghi took major steps this week to breathe some life into Europe’s capital markets.

For the first time, he lowered the ECB deposit rate into […] Continue Reading…

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June 2014 Portfolio Outlook

May was a good month for Sizemore Capital’s portfolios.  I made modest portfolio adjustments in my Dividend Growth and Tactical ETF models, but otherwise I am content to let our basic strategies for 2014 play themselves out.  I expect […] Continue Reading…

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