Investing in Nesting

With Turkey and Ukraine in a state of crisis, I expect the next several months to be an exciting—and perhaps sometimes scary—time to be invested in emerging markets. But I also expect us to make some fantastic returns together. In this month’s issue, I have three new buys, plus a broad view of today’s economy and global news in light of our portfolio holdings. […] Continue Reading…

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3 Stocks Better Held in an IRA

I take a somewhat contrarian view on what assets you should hold in an IRA. Conventional wisdom would tell you to put your safer, more conservative investments in their IRA, and avoid putting riskier assets in taxable accounts with the […] Continue Reading…

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Kinder Morgan Insider Trading: Richard Kinder Drops $70 Million

Last December, I wrote that Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI) was a strong buy, citing the massive scale of insider buying as a bullish indicator.  After all, if the people running the company are accumulating shares, chances are good that […] Continue Reading…

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Sizemore on Varney & Company: Is It 1999 All Over Again?

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I joined Varney & Company for Friday’s Halftime Report.  First question on the agenda: Is the market giving us a repeat of 1999 […] Continue Reading…

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March 2014 Portfolio Outlook

The bull lives.  2014 got off to a rocky start due to a combination of lackluster American economic data and, more significantly, emerging market volatility.  But after bottoming in early February, the S&P 500 has clawed back to its […] Continue Reading…

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