Musings on McDonald’s Dividend

McDonald’s Corp (MCD) announced that its domestic U.S. sales dropped 4% in February. That’s bad. Really bad. And it probably won’t get better for a while. A battleship this size cannot turn on a dime, and McDonald’s will have […] Continue Reading…

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Kinder Morgan: Filing Your Taxes After the KMP-KMI Merger

Investors in Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (“KMP”), Kinder Morgan Management (“KMR”) and El Paso Pipeline Partners (“EPB”) are now the proud owners of Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI) after the reorganization of the Kinder Morgan empire last year. While I […] Continue Reading…

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Kinder Morgan: A Solid Dividend Stock for 2015

Here’s a headline that would make even the most dedicated energy bull pause: “US Running Out of Room to Store Oil.”

Yikes. For the past seven weeks, Americans have been producing and importing about a million more barrels per day […] Continue Reading…

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Graphic: REIT Dividend Yields Since 1972

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What To Do With Your Tax Refund

Ellen Chang at Main Street included some of my thoughts in her article on investing the proceeds of your tax refund. Here are some excerpts:
Start With Your Roth IRA

Allocate the extra money toward your Roth IRA, which is the […] Continue Reading…

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