Black Friday 2014: What Are Retailers Expecting?

The holiday shopping season seems to start a little earlier every year. Given that several national chains–among them heavyweights like Walmart (WMT) and Target (TGT)–are opening their doors while the sun is still up on Thanksgiving Day, I’m beginning […] Continue Reading…

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What are the Masters of the Universe Buying?

You should never blindly follow the investment moves of anyone—not even masters of the universe like Carl Icahn or George Soros.   You never know what their investment game plan is or whether a stock position is part of a […] Continue Reading…

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Dividend Smackdown: Microsoft vs ExxonMobil

Big-tech behemoth Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) leapfrogged ExxonMobil Corporation (XOM) last week to become the second-largest company in the world by market cap. MSFT stock weighs in at a valuation of $405 billion compared to $402 billion for XOM stock.

Both […] Continue Reading…

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Big Tobacco Launches a “Safer” Cigarette. It Won’t Stem the Decline

You have to hand it to Big Tobacco.  As an industry, it’s a survivor.  It’s doing everything it can to reinvent itself in a world in which its core product—cigarettes—becomes more of a social pariah with every passing year.  […] Continue Reading…

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This Week’s Sizemore Insights: Hunting for Global Value

Here is a statement of the obvious if there ever was one: The market doesn’t always do what it’s supposed to. Expensive markets are supposed to correct, and cheap markets are supposed to rally as both revert to their […] Continue Reading…

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