Looking for a Strong Finish to 2014? Try Mortgage REITs.

We’re not getting the fourth quarter off to a very good start.  Globally, stocks have seen some of their greatest volatility since January, and emerging markets have been hit particularly hard.  Mortgage REITs—a generally sleepy corner of the market—have […] Continue Reading…

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Zombies Outselling Vampires This Halloween

I liked World War Z.  As far as zombie apocalypse movies go, it was well done, and the scenes set in Jerusalem gave it a different twist.   But as a horror genre, I’ve always preferred vampire stories (I was […] Continue Reading…

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Graphic: The Pumpkin Boom Rages On

Here’s a fun graphic to start the weekend from global trade data site Panjiva:

Some thoughts from Panjiva to ponder over your next pumpkin-spiced latte:
The traditionally loved fall flavor appears to have grown in popularity to a point where it is […] Continue Reading…

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Why Carl Icahn is (Kinda) Right About Apple Stock

Carl Icahn is at it again.  After successfully lobbying (some might say “bullying”) Apple (AAPL) into aggressively repurchasing its undervalued stock, Carl Icahn penned another open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook advocating more of the same, to “accelerate […] Continue Reading…

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Mortgage REITs: Dividends Stable, Stocks Trading Below Book Value

Behind the Numbers’ Jeff Middleswart had some interesting comments on mortgage REITs in today’s Thursday Thoughts:
Update on Mortgage REITs – In our May 22 issue of Thursday Thoughts we discussed how the Mortgage REIT sector looked very cheap with […] Continue Reading…

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