The Ice Bucket Challenge

I was nominated…and I accepted.  Feel free to watch me suffer:

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Russia Risk to Western Companies (Mostly) Overblown

Russia made news last week but shutting down four Moscow McDonald’s restaurants, ostensibly for health code violations.  But the move is widely viewed as Russia’s latest “countersanction” against the West in retaliation for Western sanctions against Russia for its […] Continue Reading…

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You Call That a Correction?

We have a lot to discuss this week: The Fed held its annual symposium in Jackson Hole, France revamped its government, and one of you sent me a follow-up question to my last webinar that I’d like to address. But before I dive into all of this, I want take a quick look at the state of the market. […] Continue Reading…

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The French Government Collapses…and French Stocks Rally. What Gives?

The French government collapses amid petty infighting over the weekend…and French stocks rallied on Monday. That says a lot about the market’s perception of the people running France.

French stocks have taken a beating of late; the iShares MSCI France ETF (EWQ) spent most […] Continue Reading…

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What are the Billionaires Buying…and Selling?

Earlier this month, Direxion launched a new ETF–the Direxion iBillionaire Index ETF (IBLN)–which I covered in Invest Like a Billionaire.  The ETF runs a concentrated portfolio of the 30 S&P 500 stocks most favored by billionaire hedge fund  investors based […] Continue Reading…

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