India’s New Prime Minister: What You Need to Know

India—the world’s largest democratic country—is in the early stages of a parliamentary election that won’t be wrapped up until the last polls close on May 12 (votes will be counted by May 16).  India has the world’s largest population […] Continue Reading…

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Hot Money Continues to Flow Into Emerging Markets

Normally, a rotation from high-flying momentum names into beaten-down value stocks is a sign that investors are shifting into “risk off” mode and getting defensive.

But what if those “beaten-down value stocks” happen to be in emerging markets?

It’s hard to […] Continue Reading…

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Choosing the Right Broker

The Teslas and Twitters of the world are down, and the "problem child" emerging markets continue to quietly enjoy a rally, with most of our direct plays up 10% or more. In today’s update, I’ll tell you whether you can expect these trends to continue, along with a brief review of Michael Lewis’s new book and an in-depth guide to what to look for in an online brokerage, including my own picks of the litter. […] Continue Reading…

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The Strategy, Signal, And Power Of Utilities

Utilities don’t get a lot of love from investors.  They are the stodgiest of market sectors and tend to be purchased by the proverbial “widows and orphans” looking for a safe and reliable quarterly dividend check.  And their sensitivity […] Continue Reading…

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3 European Dividend Stocks to Buy for Europe’s Coming QE

Here is a little statistic that will blow your mind: Spanish bond yields are sitting near 200-year lows.

Yes, 200, as in two centuries. The last time Spain had yields this low, Napoleon had only recently been exiled to Saint Helena.  […] Continue Reading…

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