Review: Clash of the Financial Pundits

There is no shortage of market opinion out there.  Between CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg, there are 72 hours per day of non-stop financial chatter on television, and we haven’t said anything about the market segments of general news […] Continue Reading…

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Our Value-Driven Strategy

Why do I focus on value? Because it works. Of course, it requires a lot more patience and discipline than simply jumping on the bandwagon of hot momentum stocks at any cost. However, momentum can be a powerful driver if you catch it when the price is right. Later in the issue, I’ll show the numbers on how a combined value-and-momentum strategy can work. First, though, I lay out two portfolio moves we’re making based on our disciplined trading parameters. […] Continue Reading…

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VIDEO: Is it Time to Buy Russia and China?

I joined David Asman on After the Bell today to talk about investing in China and Russia—two countries that have most investor running for cover.

Chinese stocks—as measured by the iShares China Large Cap ETF (FXI)—are trading at roughly half […] Continue Reading…

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VIDEO: Is the Surface 3 a Game Changer for Microsoft?

Microsoft (MSFT) unveiled its Surface 3 tablet on Tuesday, and I joined CNBC’s Adam Bakhtiar to discuss what it might mean for Microsoft’s prospects.  The good news: […] Continue Reading…

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What NOT to Buy in a Retirement Plan

If you manage your own investments, changes are good you read dozens—if not hundreds—of articles every year offering advice on what to buy in your retirement portfolio.  Most of the standard financial planning advice is, perhaps a little surprisingly, […] Continue Reading…

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