Will Scotland Leave? Polls Say Maybe. Market Says No.

Thursday is the big day.  After the polls close, we’ll know if the United Kingdom remains united or if Scotland will be going it alone.  With just a few days to go, the race is a statistical dead heat.

Data […] Continue Reading…

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Big Beer: An AB InBev – SABMiller Merger Is Not Going to Happen

Heineken (HEINY)—the world’s third-largest brewer— made news over the weekend by rejecting a merger offer from rival SABMiller (SBMRY)—the world’s second-largest brewer.  Apart from creating a global beer-brewing juggernaut, SABMiller’s offer was an attempt to fend off a potential […] Continue Reading…

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Japan: Apocalypse Now or Apocalypse Later?

Japan can’t do anything right.

That’s not a criticism, mind you, but rather an observation of how truly bad Japan’s options are right now.  If you want a “risk free” trade for the remainder of this decade, it would be […] Continue Reading…

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Scottish Secession and Opportunities in…Spain?

We are officially in uncharted waters.  The biggest macro risk right now for the markets is not the Fed or European Central Bank…or ISIS or even Vladimir Putin.  No, the biggest macro risk is the mood of Scottish voters.

Scotland’s […] Continue Reading…

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Secession Risk

In today’s update, I talk about the biggest macro risk right now for the markets—not the Fed or European Central Bank…or ISIS, or even Vladimir Putin. No, the biggest macro risk is the mood of Scottish voters. After I tell you the investment impacts we may experience from Scottish secession, from there we move on to an update on one of our newest energy plays and on our Spanish REITs. […] Continue Reading…

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