Today on Straight Talk Money: All About the Fed

I joined Peggy Tuck today on Straight Talk Money to chat about the latest moves (or lack thereof) from the Fed:

Interestingly, the Fed removed all language that pointed to specific timing of their next rate hike. I continue […] Continue Reading…

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Japan Credit Rating Downgraded By Fitch? Thank you, Captain Obvious

In an acknowledgement of the glaringly obvious, Fitch downgraded Japan’s credit rating by a notch on Monday, citing Japan’s ballooning pubic debt.

My only question is this: What took them so long?

Fitch now rates Japanese debt as an A, which […] Continue Reading…

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Are E-Cigarettes Getting Stubbed Out?

Call it the revolution that wasn’t, but it looks like e-cigarettes might be getting stubbed out. Global trade data site Panjiva reported recently that shipments of e-cigarettes entering US. ports have been declining since late 2013:

Shipments of e-cigarettes entering […] Continue Reading…

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On WSJ Voices: Picking the Right Estate Attorney

The Wall Street Journal’s Voices column picked up my comments on choosing the right estate attorney. You can read the full article here (subscription to the WSJ may be required), and an excerpt follows below. Enjoy!
Many people think estate planning […] Continue Reading…

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What Can Insider Trading Activity Tell Us?

I’ll start this with an important distinction: There are two very different kinds of insider trading.

There’s the “Martha Stewart” kind that will get you thrown into white-collar prison. And there’s the legal kind that is tracked and reported by […] Continue Reading…

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