July 2014 Portfolio Outlook

The end of June, as the halfway point, is a good time to stop and reevaluate the assumptions you brought into the year.   You should ask yourself: Are your strategies still working, and if they are not, what […] Continue Reading…

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It Just Keeps Getting Worse For Big Tobacco

The bad news just doesn’t stop for Big Tobacco.  The industry is no stranger to smoking bans, punitive taxation, and crippling lawsuits, particularly in the United States.  But life continues to get more difficult in much of the rest […] Continue Reading…

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4th of July: Brought To You By China

Global research firm Panjiva published a great infographic to ponder at your 4th of July cookout.  

China, by a landslide, is the biggest exporter of American flags and fireworks, at 85% and 99%, respectively. Interestingly, South Africa is the […] Continue Reading…

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The World Cup ETF Portfolio

I’ve grown to like World Cup soccer or, at least, tolerate it.  Though to be honest, I didn’t have much of a choice.  Being married to a South American woman, I had two options: Either embrace the impassioned screaming […] Continue Reading…

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Friday StockTwits Banter: Nostalgia Investing

It’s a slow news day, and my post on investing in collectibles spurred an interesting StockTwits conversation about “nostalgia investing.”

Worthless: Thoughts on Investing in Collectibles – Sizemore Insights http://stks.co/b0hVe $STUDY— Charles Sizemore (@CharlesSizemore) Jun. 27 at 09:01 AM

@CharlesSizemore Funny last […] Continue Reading…

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