Update: Investin' With Yellen

I’ve often emphasized that that the market has been putting far too much weight on Fed policy–yet we have to invest in the market as it is, not as it should be. In this update, I’ll relate Janet Yellen’s recent comments to our current investment strategies, and give you the latest developments on our demographics-related holdings. [...] Continue Reading…

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Janet Yellen: What We Learned From Her First Testimony

Janet Yellen must be wondering why she ever agreed to take this job.

In her first congressional testimony today as Fed chairwoman, I witnessed one representative badger Janet Yellen to give a precise definition of how many hours per week [...] Continue Reading…

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Sizemore on Varney & Company: Best Weather Stock Plays This Winter

Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com

If you cannot view the embedded media player, you can view the video here.

Bad weather has been repeatedly cited this year as the cause for everything from lackluster retail sales to stagnant job growth.  In [...] Continue Reading…

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February 2014 Portfolio Outlook

Last month, I laid out my basic investment strategy for 2014:

1.     I am overweight Europe and emerging markets.
2.     I am overweight dividend-paying U.S. equities.
3.     I am underweight non-dividend-paying U.S. equities.

With one month down, dividend-paying stocks are performing quite well [...] Continue Reading…

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Russian Stocks are Cheap…But Cheap Enough?

Vladimir Putin kills puppies.

Ok, that comment probably needs a little context.  The president of Russia does not personally murder small dogs for sadistic pleasure.  But in preparation for the winter Olympics, the Sochi city government has culling the large [...] Continue Reading…

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