5 Monthly Dividend Stocks for 2015

With the market looking wobbly this December, the need to get paid in cold, hard cash has never been more apparent. If you are already in retirement, selling portfolio positions in a declining market to meet your living expenses […] Continue Reading…

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Prospect Capital: The Insiders Are Backing Up the Truck

Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC) got off to a rough start this month with a dividend cut. Prospect Capital cut its dividend to 8.33 cents per month from 11.1 cents. But even after the reduction, PSEC sports a dividend yield of […] Continue Reading…

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Straight Talk Money: All About the Oil Rout

I joined Mike Robertson and Peggy Tuck this morning on the Straight Talk Money radio show to chat about the carnage in the oil market. The price of crude oil has dropped by over 40% since the summer, dragging […] Continue Reading…

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This Week’s Sizemore Insights: Are Oil Stock Dividends Safe?

I pride myself on maintaining emotional detachment when I invest. Markets are emotional and tend to overreact, and when they do, the levelheaded among us use it as an opportunity. As Warren Buffett famously said, the secret to his […] Continue Reading…

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Chinese Stocks: Short-Term Buy, Long-Term Sell

Chinese stocks are one of my favorite value plays for 2015. Just don’t fall in love with them.

The mantra of the permabull is to buy and hold stocks for the long run. That sounds good, and history has generally […] Continue Reading…

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