Global Stock Valuations: What Does the Buffett Indicator Say?

Two weeks ago, I wrote about Warren Buffett’s favorite tool for measuring the overall valuation of the market: the ratio of total market cap to GDP. Today, we’re going to dig a little deeper into that analysis and compare […] Continue Reading…

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Disney Earnings: Good Short-Term Trade, But Don’t Fall In Love With It

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I joined CNBC’s Adam Bakhtiar and Pauline Chiou to chat about Disney’s (DIS) earnings release. Here are some of the notes from the spot:

The good news: Disney saw its revenues […] Continue Reading…

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ACTX: Corporate Raiding Like Carl Icahn With The Global X Activist Investor ETF

I’m a big believer in doing independent investment research. But I also believe that it’s never a bad idea to look over the shoulder of some of the best investors in the business for ideas. We shouldn’t blindly copy […] Continue Reading…

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3 Politically Incorrect Steps to Achieve an Early Retirement

I like my job. I really do. But I think I’d like being an independently-wealthy man of leisure quite a bit more. Relaxed days of sweet nothingness sound pretty appealing. That’s the dream, anyway.

All joking aside, I won’t be […] Continue Reading…

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Reader Comment: Are E-Cigarettes Getting Stubbed Out?

In response to my article “Are E-Cigarettes Getting Stubbed Out?” and specifically to my comment that slowing imports could be a sign of slowing product demand, Pascal Culverhouse of Electric Tobacconist wrote a thoughtful reply. Mr. Culverhouse can certainly speak […] Continue Reading…

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