My Favorite Corner of the Market

As you probably know, my beat is income. And in my newsletter, Peak Income, I specialize in finding cash-generating investments that are a little off the beaten path.

Well, one of my favorite high-yield fishing ponds – closed-end funds […] Continue Reading…

The Stocks Buffett Wishes He Could Buy

John Del Vecchio is a cheapskate after my own heart.

While he
doesn’t mind spending a little cash on the things he enjoys (I won’t
tell you how much he and his wife spent on their last vacation), he’s
about […] Continue Reading…

As You Finish Up Your Tax Return…

As you might recall, nearly two years ago I wrote that I was having a midlife crisis and dusting off my old Metallica CDs from high school.

the crisis passed. I have since come to grips with being over […] Continue Reading…

The Highest Yield Left in the Market

If you’re looking for income these days, your options are a little
limited. The S&P 500 yields less than 2%, which is bordering on
pitiful, and government bonds aren’t much better.

REITs, as a
sector, are reasonably high yielders at […] Continue Reading…

How to Save for Retirement AND Spend on Your Kids

I saw a headline recently that caught my attention:

“Raising Children Increases Risk of a Retirement Shortfall”

Gee, ya think?

Why not tell me that the sky is blue while you’re at it, or that eating at McDonald’s on a daily basis […] Continue Reading…