October 2017 Letter to Investors

October was a reminder for us of why it’s important to diversify. Apple (AAPL) had a fantastic quarter on expectations of strong iPhone sales, and as I write this, the company is within striking distance of being the first […] Continue Reading…

How to Use Your 401k in Your 50s and 60s

The following is an excerpt from How to Use Your 401k in Your 50s and 60s:

If you’re like most working Americans, chances are good that you’ve had access to a workplace retirement plan such as a 401k for decades. Hopefully, […] Continue Reading…

Would You Take Warren Buffett’s Bet?

Tadas Viskanta, editor of the must-read Absolute Returns blog, asked the following question: “Let’s say Warren Buffett re-ups his famous decade-long bet. (He’s not.) He takes the S&P 500. What would you take (and why)?”

There were several really insightful […] Continue Reading…

Video: Walmart Puts Pressure on Amazon

Should Wal-Mart have used cash pile to take on Amazon? from CNBC.

I joined CNBC this evening to discuss Walmart’s (WMT) investor day… and how the company is upping the ante in its arms race with Amazon (AMZN).

September 2017 Letter to Investors

September was a solid month for the Dividend Growth portfolio, as it retuned 1.02% for the month. This underperformed the 1.93% return for the S&P 500, but the portfolio also started the month with a larger-than-usual allocation to cash.

The […] Continue Reading…