A Stealthy Way to Max Out Your 401(k) for the Year

Our fearless leaders in congress don’t always get it right. If fact, I’d go so far as to say they generally make a royal mess of things.

But when they created the 401k plan in 1978, they created the single […] Continue Reading…

The Next Ten Years of My Life

There’s no dignity in a groin pull.

You can’t walk without limping, and there’s not much you can do about it other than sit with your legs propped up with an ice pack on your crotch.

I ponder this as I […] Continue Reading…

Celebrate The Risk Takers This Labor Day

This piece first appeared on the Rich Investor.

I always make a point of working every Labor Day, if even just writing a few emails on my way to the pool.

I do it in an act of impotent protest.

Don’t get […] Continue Reading…

When Should You Take Social Security?

This article first appeared on The Rich Investor.
Florida Senator Marco Rubio proposed a plan earlier this month that gives new parents additional paid time off work to care for their children.
That sounds good, of course.

Parental leave benefits are a […] Continue Reading…

I Hate AT&T

This piece first appeared on The Rich Investor.
I’ll be blunt: I hate AT&T.
But before you chime in with an enthusiastic “me too,” I’m not referring to AT&T’s mobile phone service or home internet service (both of which I dumped […] Continue Reading…