Closed-End Funds: Still a Bargain

Photo credit: Owen Moore
In a world in which very little is cheap and most mainstream stocks and bonds offer little in the way of expected returns, closed-end funds have been a fantastic source of value. I’ve been writing about […] Continue Reading…

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A Peruvian Wedding and What’s Wrong with Berkshire Hathaway

Photo credit: Pellaeon
A Peruvian wedding and the recent Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) annual meeting have a lot in common.

That might not sound immediately obvious, but it’s true.

I’ve been in Peru for the past week. By lucky coincidence, the national Peruvian Paso […] Continue Reading…

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Energy Transfer Equity: Back in the Race

In early February, it was looking ugly for me in InvestorPlace’s Best Stocks for 2016 contest. I was down 70% year to date… and squarely in last place. My what a difference a few months can make. I’m now […] Continue Reading…

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One Investment… Three Ways to Profit

$150 billion is a lot of money.

And due to some planned changes the makers of S&P and MSCI indexes are making, that’s the amount of money that is likely to flow into shares of real estate investment trusts (REITs) […] Continue Reading…

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Lessons Learned From Prince’s Untimely Death

I gave my thoughts to Kiplinger’s Stacy Rapacon on lessons we can learn from the unfortunate passing of Prince. The music legend apparently passed away without a proper estate plan. Or if he had an estate plan, no one […] Continue Reading…

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