On CNBC: What’s the Outlook for Bonds?

It’s ‘all a bit upside down’ on market reactions to inflation outlook from CNBC.


Right now, it’s all about bond yields. The U.S. market has been extremely expensive by historical standards for several years now. Throwing out one popular valuation […] Continue Reading…

Dividend Achievers Massively Hiking Their Dividends

The following is an excerpt from 7 Dividend Achievers With Big Income Potential

There is an old Wall Street maxim that the safest dividend is the one that’s just been raised. Which is why if you’re not familiar with Dividend […] Continue Reading…

Don’t Invest Like Stalin

I always try to read everything that Jeremy Grantham’s GMO publishes, but I somehow missed this one until it was republished on Meb Faber’s Idea Farm. Good stuff: Don’t Act Like Stalin.

Lot’s of good takeaways (as always). GMO’s main […] Continue Reading…

Friday Humor: What Is Bitcoin?

I know Bitcoin is back to over $10,000, but this is still hilarious.

Post-Correction (And Valentine’s Day) Humor

Ladies, if your man was acting weird last night we got your answer
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