Yes, the Apple Cash Hoard Really Is That Big

People come from all around the world to see Mount Everest. But if you lived in Nepal and saw it lurking in the distance every day, it might not seem nearly as impressive. You might take it for granted […] Continue Reading…

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Ari Rastegar to Launch a New Income-Focused Real Estate Fund This Fall

My good friend and fellow Dallasite Ari Rastegar is at it again. Per Bloomberg:
Rastegar Capital, a real estate private equity firm, is planning to gather as much as $500 million for its first major investment fund.

The firm will start […] Continue Reading…

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Chuck Norris Facts: The Aging of the Baby Boomers

Actor and martial arts legend Chuck Norris quoted me in a piece he published today about the aging of the Baby Boomers: Chuck Norris Bows to Healthy Seniors.

Here’s an excerpt:
The entry into “senior” membership in this country is rarely […] Continue Reading…

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Gold Really Isn’t All That Special

Photo credit: jirotrom
I shared my thoughts on gold with Jeff Reeves for his recent article in USA Today.

You’ve seen the ads for gold in your Internet browser or during commercial breaks on cable news. “Gold is the ultimate safe […] Continue Reading…

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Today On Straight Talk Money: The Yahoo-Verizon Merger, and More

I joined Peggy Tuck on Mike Robertson’s Straight Talk Money this morning to talk about the Yahoo-Verizon merger, the state of the economy and more.



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