Active Risk Parity Returns for the First Quarter

March was a good month for our risk parity portfolios. The Active Risk Parity Portfolio With 7% Volatility Target returned 1.5% for the month, putting its total returns at a little over 2% year to date.

These returns […] Continue Reading…

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Apple STILL so cheap, it’s actually ridiculous…

I wrote earlier this year that Apple is so cheap, it’s actually ridiculous. I still feel that way, and after a lousy start to the year, the market seems to be coming around to my view. Apple (AAPL) shares have enjoyed […] Continue Reading…

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The Bond King Speaks

Barron’s did an interview with Bond King Bill Gross in this weekend’s issue (see “Why Interest Rates Must Rise.”) While I find his incessant Fed bashing to be tiresome, Gross is still a living legend, and I take his […] Continue Reading…

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Interview With Rastegar Capital

I sat down with Rastegar Capital’s Darren Manzari and Ari Rastegar to talk about how investments in stocks and commercial real estate complement each other.

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Looking At Muted Returns? Your 401(k) Might Be Your Best Friend

First-quarter 401(k) account statements will be arriving in mail boxes in a few short weeks. When they do, a lot of Americans will wonder why they even bothered contributing. For all of the day-to-day noise, the market is going […] Continue Reading…

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