An Ugly Surprise

I had an unpleasant surprise at the airport last week.

I walked into the TSA Pre line and handed the agent my boarding pass and ID. But rather than being greeted with the knowing wink and nod that comes with […] Continue Reading…

3 Things You Should Always Ask a Financial Adviser

The following first appeared on Kiplinger’s as 3 Things You Should Always Ask a Financial Adviser.

Your choice of financial adviser might be the single most important decision you ever make, short of your spouse or maybe your doctor.

While you […] Continue Reading…

Beware the Bangladeshi Butter Bias

Bangladeshi butter.

If you’re looking for the indicator with the highest correlation to the S&P 500, it’s not GDP growth or even earnings growth. No, it’s butter production in Bangladesh.

In a paper published two decades ago, mathematician David Leinweber and […] Continue Reading…

The Lesson to Learn From Bobby Axelrod

I love the TV show Billions.

I always carve a little time from my work day on Monday afternoons to watch the episode from the night before while I’m doing paperwork at my desk.

When it airs live on Sunday nights, […] Continue Reading…

MLPs That Should Crush the Market in 2018

The following is an excerpt from 5 MLPs That Should Crush the Market in 2018.

For a collection of companies that tend to own boring, cash flowing assets, it sure has been a wild ride in master limited partnerships.

On a […] Continue Reading…