Straight Talk Money: The United Debacle and… Is Home Ownership Worth it?

I joined Peggy Tuck on Straight Talk Money this morning. And at the top of today’s news was the United Airlines passenger manhandling:

Up next, we jump into dividend investing and into the economics of home ownership:

Today on Straight Talk Money: Bond Yields, Stop Losses and More

I joined Peggy Tuck and Chase Robertson today on Straight Talk Money. The first topic of discussion? What’s going on in the bond market?


In the next segment, we talk about financial stocks… and about a little trick John […] Continue Reading…

Today on Straight Talk Money: The Animal Spirits, the Happiest Place on Earth, and More

I joined Peggy Tuck this week on Straight Talk Money. First on the agenda: Are the animal spirits returning to American business?


We also chat about Disney’s prospects, commercial flights to the moon and the “happiest place on earth.”

10 Monthly Dividend Stocks to Pay the Bills

Earlier this month, I wrote “10 Monthly Dividend Stocks to Buy to Pay the Bills.” The following is an excerpt:

I like making money in the stock market. But I love dividends. You see, the problem with capital gains is […] Continue Reading…

Who Does Warren Buffett Go To For Advice?

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey

I joined Peggy Tuck on Straight Talk Money this morning to chat about who the great Warren Buffett turns to for advice. Spoiler alert: It’s JPMorgan Chase’s (JPM) Chairman Jamie Dimon.

The two men would […] Continue Reading…