This Week’s Sizemore Insights: Hunting for Global Value

Here is a statement of the obvious if there ever was one: The market doesn’t always do what it’s supposed to. Expensive markets are supposed to correct, and cheap markets are supposed to rally as both revert to their […] Continue Reading…

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Japan’s ‘Surprise’ Recession and How You Should Trade It

I saw a headline this week that actually made me laugh out loud: “Japan’s economy makes surprise fall into recession.”

Surprise? Really?

Japanese GDP shrank by 1.6% last quarter after shrinking by 7.3% in the second quarter. The culprit? Japanese consumer […] Continue Reading…

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China Opens Its Market to the West: Now What?

China’s new Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program opened up China’s domestic stock markets to international investors for the first time ever this week. This is a big deal: it brings China one step closer to being a “normal” investment […] Continue Reading…

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Interview: The Evolution of Retirement

I discussed the concept of retirement and how it has changed in recent decades in an interview with NewRetirement.  Here are some excerpts:
Today, Americans look at retirement as an entitlement – a reward for a lifetime of hard work […] Continue Reading…

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Rise of the Robots

Rodney Johnson has some interesting comments on the rise of robots as a labor replacement.  Robots have been replacing assembly line workers for decades.  But now, they’re starting to replace retail clerks too…sort of:
Just as desktop computing, voicemail, and […] Continue Reading…

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