Celebrate The Risk Takers This Labor Day

This piece first appeared on the Rich Investor.

I always make a point of working every Labor Day, if even just writing a few emails on my way to the pool.

I do it in an act of impotent protest.

Don’t get […] Continue Reading…

When Should You Take Social Security?

This article first appeared on The Rich Investor.
Florida Senator Marco Rubio proposed a plan earlier this month that gives new parents additional paid time off work to care for their children.
That sounds good, of course.

Parental leave benefits are a […] Continue Reading…

I Hate AT&T

This piece first appeared on The Rich Investor.
I’ll be blunt: I hate AT&T.
But before you chime in with an enthusiastic “me too,” I’m not referring to AT&T’s mobile phone service or home internet service (both of which I dumped […] Continue Reading…

Will Your Portfolio Last You Through Retirement?

This piece first appeared on The Rich Investor.
You know the rule: Stocks “always” return 8% to 10% per year over the long term, right?
This is the assumption most financial planners make, and it’s practically considered holy writ in 401(k) […] Continue Reading…

How Much Is In Your Neighbor’s IRA?

This piece originally appeared on The Rich Investor.
The Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, is the backbone of most middle-class Americans’ retirement plans.
Creating the tax-deferred savings vehicle back in 1974 was one of the few unequivocally good decisions Congress has […] Continue Reading…