Sizemore on International ETF Investing

Writing for The Wall Street Journal’s SmartMoney, Alex Tarquinio discusses the pitfalls of international ETF investing: 
The ETF industry now offers 73 single-country funds, almost double the number from two years ago, with $47 billion under management. But having a […] Continue Reading…

Interview with Charles Sizemore and InvestorPlace’s Jeff Reeves

Charles Sizemore, publisher of The Sizemore Investment Letter ( and Jeff Reeves, editor of ( talk about the stock picking contests for 2011 and 2012.

Find out how Charles Sizemore won the contest for Best Stock in 2011 […] Continue Reading…

Sizemore on Buying Inflation-Protected Bonds in 2012

Charles Sizemore gave his thoughts on inflation-adjusted savings bonds to Reuters’ Lou Carlozo:
As the times and technology advance, once-essential parts of our lives turn into pop cultural relics, from transistor radios to cell phones the girth of six-inch subs.

Now […] Continue Reading…

After America: Get Ready for Armageddon

“Look around you. From now on, it gets worse. In ten years’ time, there will be no American Dream, any more than there’s a Greek or Portuguese Dream. In twenty, you’ll be living the American Nightmare, with large tracts […] Continue Reading…

Charles Sizemore on Straight Talk Radio

Listen to Charles Sizemore give his thoughts on the European debt crisis and on how to invest in 2012 on Mike Robertson’s Straight Talk Radio, hosted by Patrick Murphy live in New York.  Download the audio here.