Book Review: The Pinch

“We all know the story,” starts David Willetts in his book The Pinch.
“The parents return home from a night away to find a teenage party has got out of hand and the house has been trashed… It plays to […] Continue Reading…

Trading Strategies: Defending Against a Downturn

Charles Sizemore, CFA shares his investment strategies with MarketWatch:

If you are unable to view the embedded video, please follow this link: Defending Against a Downturn

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Perspectives on the Japan Earthquake

Charles Sizemore, Editor of the Sizemore Investment Letter, gave his analysis of the developing crisis in Japan to Reuters following the earthquake and tsunami and offered his suggestions of how investors can profit from an improvement in sentiment.
BOSTON, March […] Continue Reading…

Why the West Rules—For Now

It was the most humiliating day in the history of the British Empire. Britain had been conquered before—by Romans, by Anglo-Saxons, by Vikings, by Normans—but nothing like this. Never to a people so strange and foreign.
On April 3, 1848, […] Continue Reading…

Book Review: The Age of Deleveraging

Given the strong rebound in the equity markets since March 2009, “most investors believe that 2008 was simply a bad dream from which they’ve now awoken,” starts Gary Shilling in his newly-released tome on deflation, The Age of Deleveraging. […] Continue Reading…