Gen Z: The Money Won’t Fall In Your Lap

The following article by Michael Tarsala was originally published by Covestor.

Gen Z: Many people age 22 or younger have a laissez-faire attitude toward money. They expect to inherit it.

But experts say most of their parents’ assets will dwindle before it falls into […] Continue Reading…

Keynes vs. Hayek, Redux

This is a few years old now, but it still gets a laugh out of me.

With the focus on the Fed and quantitative easing these days, it’s worth another watch.

Charles Sizemore Discusses Bernanke’s “Big Bazooka” on Straight Talk Radio

Listen to Charles Sizemore discuss the Fed’s QE3 announcement on Mike Robertson’s Straight Talk About Money.

If you cannot see the embedded audio player, the track can be found here.

Bernanke Just Threw Gasoline on the Fire

Last week, I recommended that investors embrace risk (see “Reaching for Risk? Try Emerging Markets ETF”).

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi had just pulled out all the stops, announcing that he would engage in as many “outright monetary transactions” as […] Continue Reading…

Reactions to Bernanke’s QE3

Investor’s Business Daily contributor Trang Ho interviewed Charles Sizemore in his report on investor reactions to Bernanke’s QE3 announcement (See “Five Best ETF Buys After Fed Unleashes QE3”).
Exchange traded funds rallied across the board after the Federal Reserve fired off […] Continue Reading…