It’s Time to Go Beyond BRICs

In recent weeks, I’ve urged readers to maintain positions in some of the potentially most volatile markets in the world, including emerging markets (see “Bullish on India” and “Access to Africa”) and crisis-wracked countries such as Spain (see “ECB […] Continue Reading…

Three Dividend Stocks Owned by the Smart Money

As I wrote back in August, it can be helpful at times to look over the shoulders of successful investors to see what their highest-conviction investments are.  And during times like these, when the economy is looking wobbly and […] Continue Reading…

Listen to Charles Sizemore Discuss the Spain Bank Bailout and Dividend Paying Stocks with Mike Robertson

Listen to Charles Sizemore discuss the Spain bank bailout and the appeal of dividend-paying stocks on Straight Talk Money radio.

If you cannot view the embedded media player, please click here.

ETN Play: Bullish on India

Over the past month, I’ve maintained a bullish stance and have recommended that readers put their trading capital to work in some of the world’s more speculative markets (see “ECB Could Trigger Monster Rally in Spanish Stocks” and “Access […] Continue Reading…

Bull vs. Bear Debate for the 4th Quarter

Listen to Charles Sizemore and InvestorPlace’s Jeff Reeves continue their bull vs. bear debate in this audio interview:

If you cannot see the embedded audio player, please click here.  This interview first appeared on InvestorPlace