On The Slant: Intel and Daimler Remain Top Buys for 2013

Charles Sizemore of Sizemore Capital Management and Jeff Reeves of InvestorPlace discuss Daimler AG (PINK:DDAIF), maker of the iconic Mercedes-Benz and Charles’ top pick for 2013, and chipmaker Intel (NASDAQ:$INTC), which Charles holds both personally and in his Dividend Growth Portfolio at Covestor.

To briefly recap:

Daimler remains a decent long-term buy with a 5% dividend and continued reliance of both upper-class customers as well as emerging market consumers. Europe’s GDP troubles and broader economic software around the globe aren’t grand, but Germany’s Daimler just posted strong earnings and is selling at a good clip.

Intel remains a decent long-term play based on its 4% dividend yield and massive market share of the semiconductor business. Furthermore, the post-PC negativity is overdone since there remains a good utility in laptops and PCs even if tablets are on the rise. Maybe it hasn’t figured out mobile yet, but it is rolling out chips that will work with Google(NASDAQ:$GOOG) Android devices soon that could make a big splash.

You can get all the details by listening to the above podcast.

And check out the complete list of Best Stocks for 2013 on InvestorPlace.com. Current frontrunners include the REIT Two Harbors (NYSE:$TWO), which is up about 13% year-to-date, and Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (NASDAQ:$GLDD) up about 11% YTD.

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