Insiders Dumped $100 Million Into Enterprise Products This Week

Founding family of $EPD just dumped $100 million into the stock… …and company announced a 5.2% dividend hike.

— Charles Sizemore (@CharlesSizemore) Jan. 5 at 03:36 PM

Randa Williams, chairman and daughter of Enterprise Product Partners (EPD) founder Dan Duncan, just dropped over $100 million of her own money into EPD stock this week. And it’s not the first major purchase she’s made in the last 12 months:

InsiderDateSharesTrade PriceCost
WILLIAMS RANDA DUNCAN1/4/20163,830,256$26.11$100,008
WILLIAMS RANDA DUNCAN3/13/20153,225,057$31.01$100,009
WILLIAMS RANDA DUNCAN3/2/20151,498,055$34.00$50,933
WILLIAMS RANDA DUNCAN3/2/20155,992,220$34.00$203,735

Over the past year, Williams has invested nearly half a billion dollars of her own money into EPD. Now granted, she’s worth $5 billion, according to Forbes. But that still represents about 10% of her entire net worth.

I have no way of knowing when MLPs will officially bottom. It’s possible that they already have…or they may well take another leg down. But I can say this: The people running them are backing up the proverbial truck, so they clearly see brighter prospects ahead.

Oh, and by the way. Amidst all the talk of distribution cuts, EPD just announced that it planned to raise its distribution by about 5% in the coming quarter.

Disclosures: Long EPD.

Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA, is the chief investment officer of investment firm Sizemore Capital Management. 

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