On Straight Talk Money: Staying Out of Crowded Trades

I joined Peggy Tuck yesterday on Straight Talk Money to chat about special dividends vs. regular quarterly dividends. We then jump into the subject of crowded trades… and why you should be careful with them.



On Straight Talk Money: Applying Baseball Wisdom to Investing

I joined Peggy Tuck on Straight Talk Money this morning, and we had a blast applying the wisdom of baseball to investing. Hope  you have as much fun with it as we did.



On CNBC: Goldman Tanked the Market

I joined CNBC this evening to chat about Goldman Sach’s (GS) earnings miss.
While the miss wasn’t that big (Goldman earned $5.15 per share vs. expectations of $5.33), this is the mighty Goldman Sachs we’re talking about. Goldman is the […] Continue Reading…

On Straight Talk Money: What If The Government Were A Company?

I joined Peggy Tuck this morning on Straight Talk Money radio. First on the agenda: Some wise words from some of the smartest players on Wall Street:


And in the next segment… how does the U.S. government compare to […] Continue Reading…

On Straight Talk Money: Compounding, Dividend Growth Investing and an Income Tax Quiz

I joined Peggy Tuck and Ellias Stabinsky  on Straight Talk Money. First on the agenda, we talk about GDP growth and Netflix’s earnings release.


In the next segment, Ellias and I break down our respective strategies and explain what […] Continue Reading…