Today On Straight Talk Money: The Yahoo-Verizon Merger, and More

I joined Peggy Tuck on Mike Robertson’s Straight Talk Money this morning to talk about the Yahoo-Verizon merger, the state of the economy and more.



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What Exactly Is a Black Swan, Anyway?

There is near universal agreement that the Brexit – and the walloping it gave the market – was a black swan event. But actually defining what a black swan is can be a challenge.

Most investors equate a black swan […] Continue Reading…

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After Brexit: Time To Go Long The British Pound?

Well… they did it. British voters opted to leave the European Union, and in the process sent the financial markets into a tailspin. But the biggest victim here would appear to be the British pound. The night of the […] Continue Reading…

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Brexit: What Happens Next?

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Well, they did it. Brits have voted to leave the European Union. Now what?

I wrote last month that Brexit could take a wrecking ball to your portfolio. And judging by the carnage in the markets last night […] Continue Reading…

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Brexit: What You Need to Know

Well, they did it. British voters decided to “declare their independence” from the European Union. But before we start talking in grand terms about self determination, there are some points to keep in mind. This is not Britain’s “July […] Continue Reading…

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