Graphic: REIT Dividend Yields Since 1972

REIT Dividend Yields

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What To Do With Your Tax Refund

Ellen Chang at Main Street included some of my thoughts in her article on investing the proceeds of your tax refund. Here are some excerpts:
Start With Your Roth IRA

Allocate the extra money toward your Roth IRA, which is the […] Continue Reading…

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Follow Up to Iran Now Has a Lower Birthrate Than France

In February, I wrote a piece that noted that Iran now has a lower birthrate than France. I had ascribed Iran’s plunging birthrate to rising educational standards for women. Kudos to @LTommy256 for pointing out another major contributor: chlamydia!

@CharlesSizemore How […] Continue Reading…

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The Bangladesh Butter Indicator Says Buy!

Get ready to buy. Our most reliable technical indicator—one that has historically been 99% accurate—is  suggesting that stocks are poised for a major breakout.

Bangladesh butter production surged in February, as moderating grain prices allowed Bangladeshi dairy farmers to boost […] Continue Reading…

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Straight Talk Money: What Warren Buffett Eats for Breakfast and the Passing of a Wall Street Legend

Warren Buffett, 84 years old and one of the wealthiest men to have ever walked the earth, survives on a diet of Cherry Coke, ice cream, and greasy potato chips. Actually, in his own words, he adopted the diet […] Continue Reading…

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